Eagle Plastic Development Co. Ltd.

Started as a specialized manufacturer in Plastic & Metal Moulds and Plastic injection in 1987, our company has experienced continuous expansion and diversification, now we offer metal parts production and comprehensive finishing services, including: silk-screening, pad-printing, hot-stamping, spraying and illuminated knobs production.

Our Through-train Production Mode

To ensure our competitive advantages over our competitors, we strategically review on our products cost structure continuously and exercise stringent control over our production cost, which our one-stop service strategy and through-train production plant vertically integrates our plastic and metal tools division, plastic injection division and metal stamping division and electronic assembly division to ensure our tightly control over whole manufacturing processes in order to achieve better efficiency and competitiveness in our production processes and the new project development cycle.  Eagle Plastic currently owns factory situated in Cima (Dongguan, PRC for):

       [Factory] 來料加工 to manufactures all products for Eagle Group and its member companies for export sales purposes.

        [Wholly owned subsidiary company] 三資situated in Cima (Dongguan, PRC), a PRC incorporated company of Eagle Group with 100% “Domestic Sales Rights” in PRC to meet customers’ increasing demand of local sales activities in PRC.


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