Sounding Audio Industrial Limited
       --- For Car Audio/Video Products
Sounding Industries Limited
      ---For Non-Car Audio/Video Electronic Products

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

    Sounding, being one of the most successful solution OEM/ODM providers for Car Audio/Video Entertainment Systems and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Hong Kong, is highly recognized for outstanding quality and innovative products for the international markets.  Sounding keeps up the pace of change and accelerates simultaneously with our industry, which our spirit of innovation keeps us atop of the game. 

Innovative EMS Products

    Our professional Research and Development team takes diligent efforts keep themselves up-to-date to current innovative market continuously by studying and applying the latest technologies for new products.

    From what we produce to how we produce it, we have always held ourselves to a higher standard of innovation.  Much to our customers' appreciation, we strive to keep ourselves at the forefront of breaking grounds in product design and development.  And, Sounding owns a group of professional project management team who lines up with our production staff to achieve ourselves as high quality solution provider to meet and exceed expectation of all customers for our offered products and services. 

    Details of Eagle Groupfs factory situated in Cima (Dongguan, PRC) to manufacture our products is as follows:

    [Factory] (җH) to manufactures all products for Eagle Group and its member companies for export sales purposes.
     [Wholly owned subsidiary company] (O) situated in Cima (Dongguan, PRC), a PRC incorporated company of Eagle Group with 100% gDomestic Sales Rightsh in PRC to meet customersf increasing demand of local sales activities in PRC.


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