Business Mode

Early 80fS

Formed Kai Hoo (Sole Proprietary) to start Groupfs first business as Tooling & Mould manufacturer


Formed Eagle Plastic Development Co. Ltd. to diversify Groupfs business into Plastic Injection & Metal Punching


Acquired Sounding Industries Limited to inject Car Audio and other Electronic Business to Group


Production plant was enlarged and re-situated from PingWu (Shenzhen, PRC) to a newly built factory situated in Cima (Dongguan, PRC), that is the current factory, (җH) which situates and manufactures Groupfs products for export sales


Kai Hoo Plastic Mould Ltd. was incorporated to take over sole Proprietaryes Tooling & Mould business. 

Incorporated wholly-owned subsidiary in PRC as O?, which manufacture Groupfs products and transacts Groupfs domestic sales activities in PRC


Restructured electronic business and strategically incorporated Sounding Audio Industrial Ltd. to specialize in Car Audio electronic business, where other non-Car Audio electronic business are transacted by Sounding Industries Ltd.


Eagle Group, as a formal management holding company, was incorporated to manage member companies for Groupfs EMS businesses of Metal Punching, Tooling & Mould, Plastic Injection, and Car Audio & other electronic manufacturing



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